1. Jennie Reed

    Please ask Kaitlyn to review her comment, “All vestibular input is calming and organising”. This is true for the proprioceptive system however for some children the vestibular system can be easily put into over drive. Therapists would be aware of this but some parents may not. We can also use stop/start vestibular movements, which are alerting for the nervous system.

    • Kaitlyn

      Hi Jennie! Thank you for reading my post and commenting. I agree with your comments.
      The intent of this post was to generally explain how regulating the vestibular sense and proprioception is key for sensory modulation. To clarify my statement, vestibular input can be used in therapy to both calm and organize the sensory system, depending on the client’s sensory needs. All children’s sensory systems are different; therefore, as you stated, vestibular input can also be alerting to the system through start/stop movements and the speed of movement that is applied.
      When engaging in activities that provide vestibular input, be observant of your children’s reactions. Stop swinging if your child asks to stop and be cautious of dizziness.

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