1. Lisa Allen

    Please everyone, stop calling children “kiddos.” It’s disrespectful, cloying and annoying.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with this post, thank you. My son was completely unaware i was in the room, focused on what he was doing at the time and did not seem to notice anyone walking in or out of the room. I am a huge advocate for Sensory Integration and the use of visual prompts/cues for “kiddo’s” like mine, they made a huge difference to all our lives!.

  3. Fantastic blog post. Many children with low tone are also breath holding for stability, which will affect their ability to attend, sit still, as well as produce speech. Work with your PTs also, help to get children’s inner cores active- it’s quality of movement and alignment not just “strengthening” that is important.

    • Thank you for reading my post and commenting Joni! I have two kids right now that tend to hold their breath also as well as have low tone. A two day sensory integration training I went to taught me to look for breath holding so thank you for validating the need for more disciplines to be involved with some of our kids.

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