Kristin Corbett

‘My name is Kristin Corbett. I am a speech-language pathologist with over 22 years of experience working with children 0-16 years of age. My specialty is working with children who are deaf or hearing-impaired and providing aural habilitation therapy services. I have a BA in Speech Communication from the University of Illinois (1990) and a MS in Communication Disorders from Emerson College (1994). I have worked in several different settings, including Lurie Children’s Hospital as a member of the cochlear implant team from 1996-2000. I have also been in private practice for over 20 years working with numerous children and their families. Although my main area of expertise is hearing loss and aural habilitation therapy, I also have experience working with children with a variety of concerns including receptive and expressive language disorders; articulation and phonological disorders; oral-motor and oral-sensory issues; childhood apraxia of speech; and reading and writing disorders. I believe very strongly in a family-centered approach to intervention and enjoy working with young, newly diagnosed children and their families. I like helping these families navigate their early experiences with the therapy process and encouraging parents and families to become advocates for their children. I also feel it is important to coordinate care with other professionals and interdisciplinary team members to best serve our clients and help these children reach their maximum potential.’

Lauren Monahan

My name is Lauren Monahan. I completed my undergrad at Illinois State University studying Special Education and Deaf Education with a minor in Speech-Language Pathology. I went on to complete my masters in Speech-Language Pathology at Rush University. I have done clinical work in many different settings from an autism-based DIR Floortime daycare/preschool, Easter Seals, Rush Day School, NICU/PICU, and out-patient services. I completed my CFY at a private pediatric clinic in Naperville where I was able to see pediatric patients with concerns ranging from feeding to voice disorders. I love the younger patients that have a need for interdisciplinary team work. I absolutely love learning new things from the individuals I work side-by-side with.